A portrait of Davide Giamboni

Well, well let’s just say that since my birthday to the moment I put my hands on a keyboard life felt childish. As soon as I could code away some silly HyperCard program, I did. My father’s Macintosh Classic was one of the first personal machines being plugged in the Alps, I was one of the first alpine millenial, turning away from usual highlander’s interests.
 Le portrait de Davide Giamboni en français

Plan for an escape

Alright, growing up under the spell of fresh air and manual games wasn’t that bad at all. But ehy, I felt a little tiny bit locked up, in between those gargantuan mountains. When the internet came along I was living alone in a nice city, South of my birth village, lower mountains and three beautiful, full of history castles. I loved ditching school in order to download stuff, actually any kind of software, by the end of the high school I had a collection of useless software stored in a painfully mishandled pile of 3½-inch floppy disks. I also could code in HTML and started writing a HTML manual for fellow passionates.

Those were good times, I learn Turbo Pascal just for the sake of it. It would have proven itself useful when the following years, at university, I learned Component Pascal. Still I couldn’t really see the reason for compiled languages, my mind turned on the online world at the end of the ’90s.

I head up to the university with the most important professor in… Italian literature. Ok, you are right, that decision was a bit of a fail. That said, languages are languages, and if you look closely the linguistic part of Human Studies is really all that it is about programming languages: logics, scope, inheritance,… somehow coding for computer is a well structured “communicating to humans”.

No funnel for me

Let’s not talk about the years at the University. I was in a new place, new culture, new people and started working as a web developer. Too soon perhaps.

The years “following” the academic parcours were a bit of a mess: I learned so much PHP, database management, javascript, CSS3, HTML5, ActionScript, … the basics. At that time my clients are SMBs, they want a lot for not a lot of budget, so I had to learn how to use graphics tools too, how the printing world works: I learned that RGB is not CMYK, and what a vector image is. Everything really interesting, but out of my box, my CV started to look like a black bungle. I had to refocus.

Communicate with me

A couple of clients gave me the opportunity to work on big communication projects, little budget but a lot of fun. As simple as this, I got fascinated by communication, both on and offline.

Ok, so well, why should I write a blog about web coding, or in general: coding? Because. I never stopped coding, I learned new techniques and new languages, I got in love with the iOS SDK and tried it out, I connected and disconnected APIs all over the world, I introduced so many machines, now I’d like to handshake with humans that do the same things, and that, much like me, think they are doing a pretty graceful job.

So let’s communicate, shall we?