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We do
develop your ideas


We do design awesome websites. & more for the web


We do create & follow your visual identity. & more for your image and events


We do photograph for your advertising campaign. & much more

A recent client

Salsa Vintage Festival - photography & graphics


ecoink - visual identity


ScooBike - visual identity


Photographie - Artistique

Flowers - Parce des Eaux-Vives, Genève - 30.04.2010, 14:01:43 +02:00
Shooting: f/8.0 ISO200 45.0mm - Editing: BW - ©2010, Davide Giamboni
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We give you_our experience
in order to give your_client an experience!

Our web philosophy

Developing a website is a great challenge.
The information you want to share and spread it's sometime difficult to handle, for complexity & amount.
Finding the right design and the right structure for this information needs some skills.
Our experience will help you go throught these steps one by one, helping you taking the decisions that will make your web presence strong and efficient.


We can develop multilinguage websites and translate them for you.
We cross translate these languages: english, italian, french, but we'll find the right translators for any language you'll need.

What we love to do

Awesome webdesigns (HTML and CSS), web usability
PHP, JavaScript (jQuery, AJAX, ...), Flash ActionScript 3 and various CMS development
Web identity development and diffusion via social web and/or web advertising
E-commerce, SEO, newsletters, animations, product photography, consulting

Visual identity = business cards, flyers, logoi, headed paper, ...
everything to make your business_feel_great!

Your business image is important!
Branding a new business or an event is a matter of fantasy, reflection and patience. Nobody wants to go in the "wild" with no preparation.
That's why we'll search for the modern look that you & your clients will love... till it is found !

Your image has to be perfect, just like you expected it to be... no compromises on that !

What we love to do

We can manage big projects starting from scratch to the deployment or just redesign your identity. In all cases we'll follow the process step by step.
We'll be able to offer you quality design for every piece of your communication intent.
And thanks to our network we can assure you quality printing & diffusion at the best price.

Great_photography is great_communication!

Imagine your advertising campaign all around the town, imagine everybody staring at it with a WOW expression!
TechCare certainly have ideas for you communication. Just submit us your project, we will take it to life!

Photography for communication

Wherever you want the image of your product to be, that image has to be perfect.
We photograph your products and give them the good look for advertising or simply for their appearance on your E-commerce.

Photography for events

Let your enterprise dinner or your association event be remembered forever.
We'll cover your event and produce for you CD, DVD or even photobooks to offer your guests.

Freelance photography

If you need a freelance to cover an event for news magazine, or why not for your blog, here we are.

Photography is Art

If you like any of the background images you see on this website we can make them printed for you on canvas.